Banquet Menus

Djurgårdsmenyn 555 kr

Toast with shrimps, mayonnaise, bleak roe and lemon

Tournedos Rossini

2 scoops of sorbet with berries


Wine package 1
415 kr


1 glas Loimer Grüner Veltliner, Österrike

2 glas Ripasso, Villa Righetti, Italien

1 glas Moscato d´Asti, Italien


Wine package 2

470 kr

1 glas Saint Galle Champagne, Frankrike

2 glas Amarone Luigi Righetti, Italien

1 glas Moscato d´Asti, Italien


Bellmans meny 495 kr

Carpaccio on veal with truffle crème , crotons on home baked bread and herbs

Owen baked fillet of sole with vegetables of the season and hollandaise sauce

Cremé Brulée


Wine package 1

430 kr

1 glas Bourgogne Epineuil, L´Ame des Dannots, Frankrike

2 glas Petit Chablis, Sur les Clos, Gruhier, Frankrike

1 glas Tokaij Oremus, Ungern


Wine package 2
515 kr

1 glas Morgon, Joseph Drouhin , Frankrike

2 glas Chardonnay, Massolino, Langhe, Italien

1 glas Tokaij Oremus, Ungern


Hovmästarns meny 545 kr

Cold smoked salmon with horseradish creme, citronette, cress and croutons

Fillet of veal with café de Paris butter, fresh beans and deep fried potatoes

Vanilla parfait with raspberries and vanilla cake crunch


Wine package 1

390 kr

1 glas Pinot Gris, Leon Beyer, Alcase

2 glas Cotes du Rhone, Grand Tinel, Frankrike

1 glas Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, P. Jaboulet, Frankrike


Wine package 2
585 kr

1 glas Pinot Grigio, Hoffsträtter, Italien

2 glas Telegramme Chateauneuf-du-pape, Frankrike

1 glas Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, P. Jaboulet, Frankrike


Hazelius meny 495 kr

Homemade goose liver terrine with preserved apples and roasted brioche

Steamed Lofoten cod with shrimps, horseradish, butter and lemon

Homemade chocolate truffle


Wine package 1

415 kr

1 glas Château Gravas, Sauternes, Frankrike

2 glas Chablis, Jeu de Dames, Frankrike

Kaffe och avec 4 cl


Wine package 2

645 kr

1 glas NV Saint Gall, Blanc de Blancs, Premier Cru

2 glas Mersault, Joseph Drouhin, Bourgogne

Kaffe och avec 4 cl


Lunch Menus

(Served between 11.30 and 15.00)

Lunch Menu 1


Toast Skagen, butter fried bread, fresh shrimps, mayonnaise, dill and bleak roe  

Veal burger Wallenbergare style with peas, lingonberries and potatoe purée

Lunch Menu 2


Herring plate with boiled potatoes, sour cream and cheddar cheese 

Steamed cod with boiled eggs, horseradish, browned butter and boiled potatoes 

Lunch Menu 3


Marinated salmon with mustard sauce and toast 

Meatballs with cream sauce, potatoe purée, lingonberries and pickled cucumber 

Ullas homemade chocolate truffle 28 :-

A scoop of sorbet 30:-

Please note that it is only possible to select one menu item. The menu proposals are for a minimum of 8 people an the order should be made at least five days prior to booked date.