The Oktoberfest is a old German tradition which was first celebrated in 1810 to honour the Bavarian crown prince’s engagement. At Ulla’s we celebrate this, the biggest peoples’ party in Germany, by a gastronomic tribute to everything good that is German.

Father’s Day occurs on the second Sunday in November; and has, just like Mother’s Day, been created after the American model. It was initiated by a certain Mrs. John Bruce Dodd from the U.S. She wanted to honour her widower father, who alone raised seven children.

Martin’s Day was originally celebrated before the 40 day fast that lasted until Christmas. At a classic goose dinner, black soup is served as an appetizer, then the goose is served, and lastly apple cake from southern Sweden.

At Ulla Winbladh we offer an experience that is much larger than the home cooked delicacies on the buffet. To us, the atmospheric surroundings are as important as the 23 kinds of herring, the freshly  baked wort bread, perfectly temperate Dopp i Grytan (bread dipped in a cauldron of ham stock), terrific toffee, and at least 15 different kinds of snaps/ spiced vodka.

Honour thy father and mother, something one should do all year round. But why not make the most of it and spoil mommy a little bit extra, since there is this special day to finally get it sorted?