Swedish culinary traditions

When Nils Emil Ahlin, one of Sweden’s most famous and beloved chefs, took over Ulla Winbladh in 1992, it was with the ambition to lift traditional Swedish home cooking to heights undreamt of. Which he did. Nils Emil subsequently received The King’s medal for his work to preserve the Swedish food culture. It is in this culinary tradition and spirit that Ulla Winbladh is still run, now with our newly appointed maître de cuisine Folke Hellegren and maître de cave Pelle Johansson at the helm.

For Folke, our maître de cuisine, it does not matter whether herring is fried or a sole with truffles cooked – the importance lies in good raw materials, a special touch, and a big portion of passion. Innovation or technique is never allowed to impede on the most basic- that it shall taste well.

On regular occasions it is up for discussion whether traditional Swedish cuisine is trendy or not. A bit strange, as we do not find traditional cuisine a trend – it is part of our culture. At Ulla Winbladh we serve traditional Swedish cuisine at its best. It is not a task we take lightly, we view it as an important cultural deed to preserve the Swedish tastes. Simplicity is often genius. Just like traditional Swedish cuisine.

In your home-prepared
Do you want to take Ulla Winbladh home with you? Our chefs bring everything they need and cook dinner in your home. If you prefer to have solely the food delivered, that works equally well. We help with everything: from arranging, planning and delivery, to setting the table, cooking and serving. So you, in peace and quiet, can concentrate on taking care of your guests. Order from our catering menu, or call 08-534 89 701 for more information.